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Oshin Film

Oshin Film

I still remember when I was a child, with my sister watching every episode of the TV series, Oshin, and I was always so touched by it.

A story about  seven-year-old Japanese girl with set in the Meiji period (1907). The life journey of a little kid who went through the family difficulties.

A movie centers on bright and cheerfullly of Oshin to break situation. And oh my gosh, Kokone Hamada who played the Oshin in this movie is an awesome. So natural yet emotional. FYI: Kokone Hamada was specially selected out of 2471 kids candidates around the world.

In this movie, we will watching the young girl struggle is such a tragedy, but her strength and perseverance touched everyone’s hearts. Sad, pain, touching and heartwarming.

The original drama spanned most of Oshin’s life, but the movie will focus on her childhood.

Jangan lupa siapin tissu yang banyak ya :))